Serenity Blessing Bracelet- Metallic/Silver Medal


Serenity Blessing Bracelet- Metallic/Silver Medal

$ 18.00


The Benedictine medal depicts the most powerful ancient cross of protection, while the cord that wraps around your wrist symbolizes the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the embrace of our Blessed Mother.

Wear this bracelet as a reminder of the protection that surrounds you and the love that embraces you always.

Product Description

Handwoven in Medjugorje, our Serenity Blessing Bracelet features a gold plated .5″ Benedictine medal, which is one of the most powerful symbols of protection, and our logo charm. Each bracelet comes displayed on a card with its meaning and the Serenity Prayer. The sliding slipknot closure enables them to fit nearly everyone perfectly. Medals made in Italy.